Salient Features of College of Technology

  • 1. Highly qualified and experienced full-time faculties.
    2. Quality education with competitive cost.
    3. Best LAB facilities.
    4. Free Wi-Fi internet access.
    5. Enriched digital library.
    6. Own spacious campus.
    7. 24/7 video surveillance by CCTV.

Extra Curriculum Activities of College of Technology

  • College of Technology and most of the graduate universities have student clubs that bring students together to share topics of mutual interest. Clubs often serve as an important adjunct course by sponsoring social events and lectures. Clubs affiliated with a department at College of Technology. Some extra curriculam activities are -

    Programmers Of College of Technology (PROCOT) attends country different prestigious programming competitions, and also arranges COT Inter Programming Contest.

    College Of Technology English Club (COTEC) is usually organize seminars ,workshop for all department throughout the year.

    Robotians Of College Of Technology (ROCOT) is the premier robotics club on campus. We seek to provide College of Technology undergraduates with not only the opportunity to participate in exciting and educational robotics projects, but also to build a warm and accomplished community of engineers together.